Every child has his/her way to learn different things. Experience a world-class learning environment from the confines of your home. The Millennium Learning System incorporating the best pedagogic practices, based on the latest technological tools of Fliplearn. Our tailor-made programs aside from the academics are compiled to enhance and evolve every child’s knowledge.

Teaching methodology

Fliplearn’s teaching methodology compiles a holistic classroom approach which makes it more engaging, effective teaching and learning experience. It provides ample exposure to various level of teaching.

India’s Best Teachers

Learn from India’s best teachers with several years of classroom experience at the comfort of your home. We follow the 21st-century teaching module. Get live interactive sessions from the teachers.

Fliplearn Technology

Fliplearn’s bespoke learning experience is supported by visuals, 2D and 3D videos, interactive content and stories. All the content is mapped to the school curriculum, subject wise and class-wise, it allows every child to learn his/her own pace and approach.

Millennium pedagogy

The Millennium eSchools pursue the Millennium Learning System TM (MLS), a child-centric distinctive curriculum that implements an innovative pedagogy to develop each child’s inherent potential.

Why Go For A Tuition Centre When You Can

Get An Entire School For Your Child

When a student can learn at home then he/she doesn’t need to go tuition. Our holistic approach provides the best learning experiences with auditory and visual learning, students can learn at their home, with their own pace. There are 6 live sessions every week, innovative and constructive plans to improve academic scores.